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Bitterly Cold Winter Haul-out in Japan

Catamaran Winter Haulout in Japan

With the bitter winter weather looming, I knew I had to get Tiare hauled out and complete the long list of essential maintenance tasks before it was too late. But just as I was about to make my way to the boat yard, a last-minute emergency boat repair delayed my plans.

As the days turned into weeks, I watched in growing nervousness as winter proper approached, knowing that time was quickly running out. The thought of not being able to complete the necessary repairs weighed heavily on my mind.

Finally, the boat yard released the other vessel and I was able to access the boat ramps with Tiare. But as soon as she was safely up, the weather turned against me. The low temperatures and bitterly cold winds made progress on the repairs a constant struggle.

But finally, the repairs were complete, and Tiare was ready to slip back in. Despite the challenges I had managed to complete the work that needed to be done. And as I looked out at the stormy winter skies, I knew that Tiare was set for another year.

Installing two Engel fridge/freezer units

Cover art by MidJourney.

Cover art by MidJourney.
For those interested the prompt was based off a screen grab from the video.
drawn in a Ukiyo-e style a salt and pepper short haired well muscled, handsome mature white male with sun and sea tanned laughter lines around his sky blue eyes. He is installing a new under-counter fridge in his sailing catamaran’ galley. Outside it is a storm tossed sea with the late afternoon sun shining on the white sand beach. –aspect 7:4 –v 5 –s 750

This weeks video I install two Engel fridge/freezer units into our new galley onboard our 55 foot Wharram sailing catamaran. Has been many, many years since we have had reliable refrigeration onboard.

Previously we relied on buying very large blocks of ice and storing them in two cool boxes on deck, but as we started cruising more remote places, finding ice sellers became more and more problematic, both with the availability and the distance from where we were anchored or tied up.

So with the new galley upgrade it was finally time to install some decent refrigeration, cold drinks and ice-creams.

I chose Engel as it was the only choice available in Japan that was both affordable and could fit the limited space available.

Plus Engel have a great reputation on reliability and low power consumption. A winning combination for me.