Installing two Engel fridge/freezer units

Cover art by MidJourney.

Cover art by MidJourney.
For those interested the prompt was based off a screen grab from the video.
drawn in a Ukiyo-e style a salt and pepper short haired well muscled, handsome mature white male with sun and sea tanned laughter lines around his sky blue eyes. He is installing a new under-counter fridge in his sailing catamaran’ galley. Outside it is a storm tossed sea with the late afternoon sun shining on the white sand beach. –aspect 7:4 –v 5 –s 750

This weeks video I install two Engel fridge/freezer units into our new galley onboard our 55 foot Wharram sailing catamaran. Has been many, many years since we have had reliable refrigeration onboard.

Previously we relied on buying very large blocks of ice and storing them in two cool boxes on deck, but as we started cruising more remote places, finding ice sellers became more and more problematic, both with the availability and the distance from where we were anchored or tied up.

So with the new galley upgrade it was finally time to install some decent refrigeration, cold drinks and ice-creams.

I chose Engel as it was the only choice available in Japan that was both affordable and could fit the limited space available.

Plus Engel have a great reputation on reliability and low power consumption. A winning combination for me.

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  1. Amazing post
    Great post! It’s fascinating how you explain the practical problem you faced and how installing Engel fridge/freezer units solved the issue. I’m curious, how long did it take for you to install them? What were the challenges you encountered while installing the fridge/freezer units? Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jessica ! Good questions, I’ll add them to my next QA video.
      But to answer here.
      Engel are a Japanese company and readily available. They are in the acceptable price bracket based on the volume. Quality refrigeration has an average price per cm3, Engles were about in the middle.
      Challenges was mainly a very narrow width available, and ensuring that the slot they dropped into was a very fine fit, about one mm.
      Time took was around 3 full working days spread over a couple of weeks due to epoxy needing to set, sourcing the materials and the weather.
      Thank for the comment, will go into more depth of the challenges I had in sourcing refrigeration units given the space and location Tiare is. Plus why I did not build my own cold box.

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