I saved BIG $$$ on new trampoline nets

Saving money on new tramps

Imagine my excitement when I received quotes for ready-made trampolines for our 55-foot Wharram catamaran!
Wow was she going to look smart!!
But my heart sank when I saw the sky-high price tags. Thousands of dollars? No way could I afford that.

But being the budget guy that I am, I decided to use the trusty method of 5mm double braid line and thread my own.

With seemingly endless threading Under and over, under and over, until… shit! over then under!
Easy mistake and had to undo the last hour of work.

But you know what? The satisfaction of threading my own trampoline and the money I saved made it all worth it.

Tiare and Sea Japan is getting closer to casting off

Get ready for an adventure as we prepare for our journey aboard “Tiare,” a Wharram Islander 55 sailing catamaran.
We’ll be following in the path of the old sea captains who sailed and traded their way around Japan during the medieval period.

It is going to be a journey filled with excitement, discovery, and an opportunity to explore one of the most diverse, fascinating, and challenging cruising destinations on the planet.

Join us as we share our adventure with you and discover the rich history, culture, and beauty of Japan.

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