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Back to the Sea! [Sea Japan – Ep24]

Short video on putting Tiare our Wharram 55″ cruising catamaran back in to the water.

Being dragged up onto a rough, unused and old concrete fishing ramp had its draw backs, no electricity and no water, but these were offset by the cost (free) and there was no officially imposed time limit, which allowed me to work and earn, as I worked on the repairs.

After nearly a year out on the hard, it’s time to slip Tiare back in.
But will she go in smoothly? I’m not too sure and just a bit nervous. This is a one shot. No hoist to lift her back out if there is a leak in the new thru-hulls, it’s all or nothing!
We waited until the conditions were right, tides at the months’ highest , the winds light, extra hands to pull and push.
But with no moon and no lights it didn’t go quite a planned.

Having Tiare hauled out for a year, gave me the time to deal with many of the concerns I had.
-The number and quality of thru hulls.
-Damage to the grounding plates on the hull.
-Cracking around the rudder lashings.
-The rudders splitting due to the damage received several years ago during a bad typhoon in southern Japan.
-Paint system was getting thin and the number of dings that needed attention was growing.
-Sail drive leg paint system was failing and had some water ingress.

If you watch until the end, that low angry animal growling noise, is Tiare grinding against the concrete wall 🙁

What has been happening? [Sea Japan – Ep23]

Has been a while since I last uploaded a video.
In this video we
1/ Travel to Sado Island in Niigata to an open day for a Miyadaiku trade school
2/ Enjoy a local Shrine festival
3/ Hang the rudders back on Tiare

Video gets me close to current times.
Next video will be up to real-time

Part of the delay is that I have been trying to find a direction and purpose to the videos, other than as a personal diary.
So this episode I swap over from Go Sea Camping to Sea Japan, although the adventures of SV Tiare will continue.
I really hope to show Japan as the absolutely fantastic cruising destination it is.
But more on the direction of this channel over the next few episodes.

Hope to have Tiare up and sailing towards the end of August,
Next episode will cover the exhausting, yet somewhat successful, drama of getting Tiare back into the water., along with problems and solution to my aft mast issues.

Music from Artlist.io
1: Spring in Barcelona by Ian Post
2: Burdens by Derek Gust
3: Vietnam Theme by Hanjo Gabler
4: Burnin down the house by Saint-anyway
5 Brown Eyed Girl, written by Van Morrison and performed by Sam, Tom, Taiga and Micheal live at Okappa cafe