2017 GoSeaCamping – Cruising Japan’s Inland Sea

Bluewater Cruising Association (BCA) Testimonials:
7 day cruise around the Setonaikai (Japan inland Sea)

Daniel, it was such a special trip with you. You were awesome and we both hope to see you and your family when you are in Vancouver where maybe we can repay some of your wonderful hospitality.
A green tea toast to you.”
Deb & Jeremy 

 “A big thank you to the most awesome Kiwi Captain.
May the Canadian Toque keep your head warm and the memories of Canuk’s sailors your heart on fire.”
Love from Mary and Glen

“Looking forward to seeing you again here or in Victoria.
All the best with your charter plans!
Lynne and Stephen (Afraid of ditches)”

“To my “boy toy”: I very much enjoyed you as skipper and good story teller.
Good luck with Tiare”

“A great trip.

“Had so much fun with you and your boat – handling was top-notch!
Will email you when back home – look forward to Sci-fi list.”
Jacquie and Chris

“Thanks for a wonderful voyage on Tiare!
You were a fantastic host and skipper !!”

2016 Testimonials – Cruising Japan’s Inland Sea

AirBnB Guests:  On swing mooring at Yuge Island, Setonaikai (Japan inland Sea)

October 2016 From Michigan, United States
Daniel was a wonderful and accommodating host. He was very informative in regards to “things to do” and was happy to take us to the bath and restaurant. We loved staying on the boat!

September 2016 From Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
We had a great experience staying in Daniel’s boat (Tiare). Daniel is a very nice person, and he really cares about his guest. Tiare is a big catamaran anchored about 100 m from the shore. You will spend peacefull nights sleeping in a confortable cabin. There is an extra charge to stay onboard during the day, since Daniel must stay on board with you all the time. But if you spend your day in the little islands, going around by bike, going to the beach or to the onsen you do not have to pay. Daniel’s will pick you up at the port when you arrive and bring you on board and help you organizing your stay. We definitely reccomand this nice experience to everyone. We travel with our 7 months old baby and he also enjoued the boat a lot.

August 2016 From Ibaraki, Japan
Daniel san has given us a perfect guidance we needed before arrival and it really helped us because we were new to Shimanami highway area. We truly enjoyed our stay and can’t wait to be back in Kamijima again. It was our first time to stay on the boat, we’re surprised it was much more comfortable than we thoght. With Captain Daniel, anyone at any age from anywhere can enjoy the accommodation on the beautiful boat, I guarantee. Also you don’t wanna miss this amazing Onsen(Public bath) place called Fespa and this restaurant/cafe called Shima de Cafe. The lunce we had there was all cooked with natural and healthy foods, also everything on the menu was reasonable, I need to remark! It was our first AirB&B experience but we’re so happy that we made a right choice on our destination! Thank you so much, Arigato,Daniel san! 初めてのAirB&B体験でしたが、とっても素敵な滞在でした。ダニエルさんの温かいお人柄に触れ、船の説明だけではなく、母国やこれまでの旅行先のお話などもたくさんしていただき、貴重な体験でした。 すっかりリフレッシュさせていただきました。 車で5分ほどの距離ですが、ダニエルさんおすすめの「Fespa」は、本当に快適で、気持ちの良いお風呂でした。 「しまdeカフェ」という食堂にも寄りましたが、野草や自然食材にこだわった、とってもおいしいお食事で、なおかつお値段もリーズナブルで、珍しい食材の説明などしていただき、これまたとっても勉強になりました。 ぜひまた立ち寄りたいです! いろいろとお世話にまりました、ありがとうございました。

August 2016
Daniel went out of his way to ensure we had a lovely stay

August 2016 From Setagaya, Japan
We had a wonderful and relaxing stay aboard the Tiare. You couldn’t hope for a more friendly, helpful, and accommodating host. Daniel was happy to pick us up and drop us off around the island at any time we wanted, and relaxing on deck watching the sunset and then swimming through the bio-luminescent plankton that gather around the boat at night was an experience neither of us will ever forget. However, there were some issues that, whilst not a problem for us, we felt should be included in the listing as they may cause problems for other visitors. The first regards access. During our visit the boat was not moored at a dock or jetty, but anchored off shore and could only be reached via a small motor dingy from which guests had to climb onto the boat. We did not have a problem with this, but less agile or physically able people may struggle. The same applies to access to cabins and the toilet, both of which require lowering yourself through a narrow hatchway onto steep ladders. Access may also be a problem for people with a lot of luggage, as all bags had to be lifted manually onto the boat. Access leads to the second potential problem, as guests rely on Daniel ferrying them back and forth to the shore via the dingy. This means you cannot come and go as you please. Daniel is very accommodating in this regard, and was happy to ferry us back and forth whenever we wanted, but with more than one group on board, you may find yourself stranded either on the boat or on shore if your plans do not mesh with the other guests. Finally, the cost for each night only covers from early evening until after breakfast. There is an additional charge for retaining use of the boat during the day if you are staying for more than one night, which we felt should have been mentioned in the listing. However, leaving luggage on the boat during the day does not cost anything extra. None of these points detracted from our enjoyment of our stay though. We had an absolutely fantastic time on the Tiare and we would recommend it to anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of travelling in Japan and experience something a bit different, but we felt that guests should be made aware of exactly what to expect from their stay so as to avoid possible problems or misunderstandings.

July 2016 From Glasgow, United Kingdom
We had an amazing time staying with Daniel on his beautiful boat. Yuge Island is a lovely little place and Daniel was able to recommend several great places to eat, cycle and bathe, as well as acting as our personal chauffeur and breakfast chef! Most definitely the best AirBnB experience we’ve had – would wholeheartedly recommend!

July 2016
It was great having a personal butler for four days as that is how we can best describe our host. He was great with any and all requests as well as provided some sightseeing tours. He picked us up at the ferry terminal, cooked us great breakfasts, provided awesome direction and safety instructions for living on a boat and was a super communicator with messaging contact and helpful information. The boat was very comfortable for living and sleeping however we did expect to be docked and not moored which was an initial surprize. Again, having Daniel as a chauffeur, it really did not matter as we were able to enjoy the silence of floating on our own private yacht.

May 2016
船に泊まるという得難い経験をさせていただき、いい思い出となりました。 ホストのDanielはとても親切で、帰りの日は雨が降っており、予定していた自転車移動ができなかったのですが、わざわざ隣の島の港まで車で送っていただきました。おかげで順調に旅をすることができました。ありがとうございました!!

May 2016
Excellent accommodation! Daniel was very warm and welcoming. He also cooked an excellent breakfast in the morning. I’d highly recommend staying here. If you’re coming by bicycle and you’re a beginner, just be prepared for some big hills. Definitely worth it though!

May 2016

May 2016
Staying on the Tiare with Captain Daniel will be an experience that will last a life time! Daniel went out of his way to make our trip memorable. He helped arrange bicycle rentals, showed us around Yugejima, took us to the local onsen, and even arranged to have the local bakery make a cake for my girlfriend birthday! The most memorable part of our stay was the day sailing trip plus the overnight stay moored at an isolated island. The local island offer a lot of interesting things to do, I recommend renting bicycles and exploring the islands or relaxing at Fespa (local onsen), Daniel can also arrange a number of different activities to suite your interests.

April 2016
We owed Danial and Hitomi an apology for our late arrival due to our mistake boarding a wrong ferry. The host however was extremely helpful calling the dining and hot spring on our behalf to request extension of last order time, hence we were able to enjoy a wonderful meal as well as an extraordinary hot bath. Besides that, the captain of Tiare, Danial, has to spend extra hours attending us to our cabins and our needs until midnight before returning to this catamaran to sleep. Last but not the least, an early breakfast preparation was dully served to ensure that we didn’t miss the next ferry. How nice! Thank you very much Danial and Hitomi.

April 2016
Daniel and Hiromi are warm and friendly hosts on this beautiful little island. Their sailboat, a vintage south Asian catamaran, offers plenty of room and comfortable cabins. The island, Yuge Jima, is quiet and laid back – no bars or night life – with a few small villages and wonderful bike trails that also connect via bridges to other islands. Enjoy unpopulated beaches and a nearby local resort with a modern Japanese bath and laundry facilities for a modest charge, all with stunning sea views. A short ferry trip to Iwagi Island for their annual Sakura festival and hike to the island’s peak is an event that should not be missed.


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