Must read:
Every tour starts out with a “Crew Orientation” session.
This covers the basics on safety onboard,  Man over Board procedures, Rules, and the general principals of how a sailing ship works, common terms of usage on board and how to raise and lower sails on Tiare and how to set them correctly, basic rope usage and mooring procedures.

If you are coming for an overnight tour then there will be additional training on safety on board that covers safety at sea issues for the night.

What to expect:
Do I have to do anything?
What you do and the level of participation is totally up to you.
Whether you want to take advantage and fully participate in sailing Tiare,  learn more about navigation, ropes, and boaty stuff, or just sit back and enjoy the unique experience that is sailing or perhaps relax on the nets and watch the world pass by.
The choice is totally yours.

What do I wear?

What to wear and bring will depend on the time of year. Common sense here is important. The wind coming off the water can get cool and if there is a bit of rain around then it becomes uncomfortable. The exception being at the height of summer where less is best. But we still recommend a windbreaker style jacket.
Day Trips:
Generally, you will need to bring usual day clothes as you would for the time of year, plus an additional warm pullover/sweater plus a rain jacket.
If you are coming for an overnight tour and we are stopping over somewhere then an umbrella is a good idea as we walk to an onsen or restaurant/bar. plus an additional warm pullover/sweater plus a rain jacket.
On Board – Bare feet or soft soles and non-slip please. High-heels, boots, clogs and anything that might leave or make a mark on Tiare’s deck is out. Pretty much we treat Tiare as our house.
Another pair for getting to and from Tiare.

If you have your own please feel free to bring as long as it meets the Japan Coast Guard standards. If not we have life-jackets on-board.
As you will learn during the crew orientation the best way to be safe on board is not fall off. We carry life-jackets for everyone on-board as well as safety harness should you or the Captain feel it is required.

Other Stuff:
Fishing gear is fine to bring, but if you catch a fish we all get to eat it 🙂

We are a smoke-free boat! But if you feel you absolutely must smoke, show some moral character and don’t.

Please bring your own. It helps us keep the costs down.

Drinks and food:
Lunch is included for the day and overnight trips. And we do have a  supply of non-alcoholic beverages onboard, teas, coffee, juice etc.

Music at the end of the day watching the sunset over the water is something very special.
So bring your voice, guitar, ukulele, violin more the merrier.

The weather:
We are a boat and we float. So we are happy to go out in the rain. Being located in Yuge we can find a sheltered anchorage to enjoy. However, a rainy, windy, cold day is not everyone’s idea of fun so if you decide to cancel please let us know in advance so we can reschedule your experience.
And please phone us before you decide as the weather here is often different from the mainland. It’s sunnier, warmer and generally nicer, it is why we live here 😉 So phone first and we will let you know what the weather is like.

Best to book in advance simply because we can then plan ahead and make the most of your time onboard.
If we have to cancel due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances we will contact to reschedule.

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